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1) Where can someone purchase the Delta T? - Dr. Ganem The Instrument Company Contact: Ed Carr# 970-690-9084†† 2978 Southmoor Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80525

2) Can you tell me more about the Delta-T? How does it differ from the Nervo-Scope? Dr. T. Micheal, Colorado The instrument was developed by Ed Carr for Dr. Gonstead around 1978.  He changed the contact points of the instrument by having only one wire for detection of the readings.  Carr also designed two monitors which can be attached to the instrument.  One enables you to show the readings on an overhead screen and the other model allows a patient to hold the monitor and see the readings before and after the adjustment.

With the Nervo-scope there are many wires and the contact of the terminals are more difficult to get a good reading.  However, it is possible.  However, you must be careful to find the nerve interference and not the heat reading.  When trying to evaluate the subluxation by heat you can never be exact because the heat can vary by the physiology of the body.

3) How can I use the scope to get better readings?First you must prove to yourself that you have found a definite reading.  You can confirm this when you read that area over and over and it remains the same.  Then rub the opposite side of the area and confirm that the reading stays the same or increases.  If it is a heat reading, the break will go away and the reading will swing to the other side on your instrument.  Doing this will enable you to determine the difference between a heat reading and the electrical reading of the nerve. 

If you do not give a good adjustment the reading will not change.  Dr. Gonstead states that the readings will go to zero immediately after you give the adjustment. (See quote from pg. 163 last question, bottom of the page)Always be certain to re-check your readings after you give an adjustment.

In Gonsteadís Words: "When a subluxation reading is suspected, the glide should be repeated over the same area a number of times so that the chances of error in misreading or misinterpreting the instrument are minimized.  Repeating a glide will make a false reading more detectable, and an actual subluxation reading will become more discernible.  This is because the friction from the terminals will nullify the effects of "muscle-vasomotor" readings, and minimize other variables.        If a reading is from an actual subluxation, it cannot be "erased" by repeated glides.  In fact, the more glides that are made, the more obvious the reading should become." Pg. 164 *

4) How come I have never been taught this?  Many say it takes up to 8 hours to see a difference in the instrument reading.  If this is true how can we post check our adjustment results?†† After 40 years I have proven that after a good adjustment the reading goes to zero immediately.  After every adjustment I give, I can re-check the area and the reading returns to zero. If it does not do so, I re-evaluate the need of the patient and give the appropriate adjustments until the readings have returned to zero.  My work confirms what Gonstead taught.  In Gonsteadís Words: "Sometimes when cord pressure exists, a vasomotor phenomenon will occur.  At the level of cord pressure the pointer will deflect ten or fifteen points or more to one side or the other, and will remain there from that level of the spine, to the sacral level.  Whenever this type of reading is seen, cord pressure should be suspected.  This could occur at any cord level, but usually is found in the upper cervical area.  It is interesting to note that after the vertebra in question is corrected, there is an almost immediate reduction in the sustained deflection, and the loss of unilateral vasomotor tone is restored."  * Page163

* Gonstead Chiropractic Science & Art: the Chiropractic Methodology of Clarence S. Gonstead, D.C.  by Roger W. Herbst, D.C.  SCI-CHI Publications 1980

Delta T

Patient Placements Giving Adjustment

1)†† Do you feed in with the PI Iliums? -Victor R. Jr. On the PI-EX listings you are pulling the Ilium from the inferior to the superior.  You pull towards the shoulder, without letting the spine twist.  Only the Ilium should move on the sacrum.  On PI-IN subluxations you contact the PSIS and thrust superior and towards your body to take out the IN part of the subluxations.

2) Do you stabalize behind the femur or lower on the femur pf the patient? This is difficult to describe without demonstrating.  However, you stabilize the spine by the position of the EX Ilium into the table.  It is not like adjusting L5 when you have to lock the pelvis by your contact with the patient knee or their thigh.  Please feel free to call the office to discuss this further if you still have questions.

3) Hello Dr. Gohl, Quick question, do you role the patient toward you a little before the adjustment or just keep them still (perpendicular) on the Lumbar and  Sacrum side posture Push?  Also, are you facing the patient more or more at 45 degrees?                 Thank you very much, Victor. R.When adjusting the lumbar spine I role the patient just enough so that my body weight is behind the spine, and so that the direct force goes from Posterior to Anterior, not down into the table.  The major condition necessary is that the spine is locked so that the patient doesnít move when giving the adjustment.  The line of drive is straight through the spinus so the force goes through the center of the body of the segment.

With the sacrum, when adjusting on the down side the line of drive is straight into the table.  When adjusting the subluxation on the upper side you have to role the patient over so your line of drive goes directly through the articulation.

X-Rays: Brand Name, Color, Protecting Cervicals by Dr. Gohl

Dr. Gohl, I want to first thank you for all the influence youíve had in my life. Because of the work youíve done on me and my brother, I became a chiropractor.  Thank you very much.  I watched your video this morning and have a few questions for you.  - Dr. Tony Ganem, Santa Ana, CA

1) What brand of x-ray film are you ordering? I like the gridded look.††† Image Tek-B, Full Speed - Rapid Exposure, 800 speed system when used with regular blue rare earth screens. These can be purchased through American X-Ray Supply Inc.  #1-800-326-6106

2) What is the placement of this exposed film that you use on the lateral to "protect the cervicals"?  Do you place it in front of the collimated light?You put the exposed film (as the filter)  in the open cassette at the top, before you put the film to be exposed into the cassette.

3) Why blue film instead of green?I have never used green

4) Why the Bolin Filter?  Have you heard of the Larsen Filtration? No I have not.  I have no problem with any filter system if it works without structural interference.

How do I take crisper x-rays?

Hi, Iím a Gonstead Chiropractor and Iíve been practicing for about 3 years.  When I take x-rays, the x-rays donít seem as crisp as yours do.  I have a new x-ray machine and itís supposed to be one of the best.  Any Suggestions?                  - James E.†††† I receive many inquires with regard to taking x-rays.  I will be posting tips and helps in this "Gonstead Corner" under the category of "X-Ray".  Please refer to my comments there. I hope these will be a help.

Materials for successful spinograms by Dr. Gohl†† There are many variables in the x-ray process. For the best and constant x-rays we must make the process as simple as possible.

X-Ray Materials

a.Full speed "800 speed" blue rare earth.

b. Screens: I use blue rare earth 800.

c. I use an automatic processor and develop at 98 degrees.

d. I take my x-rays at 82 inches.

e. I use one cassette for taking both AP and Lateral films.

f. I use no split screens in my cassette.

g. I use 200 MA and 100 KVP as a standard.

h. On Children: varies according to child: height and weight.

i. I use Bolinís filtering system for the patient.  On the lateral exposure I place an exposed film eight inches from the top of the crassette to protect the cervicals.

j. The filtering system I place in front of the tube.

Chiropractic and MedicareProposals: Published, Dr. Richard A. Gohl Printed October 2005 in The Scope: News and information from the GCSS

"Are We Missing The Boat? Are we Losing the Cause? Have we chiropractors moved to a medical Mindset? Comments on the ACA's Article "...Chiropractic in Medicare." 

Recently the headlines of the ACA Newsletter read "A Good Move for Seniors, Chiropractic in Medicare."  When one takes a closer look at what is being proposed, one has to ask, "Is this truly a good move?"  I am writing this article because of the constant attack upon chiropractic and the chiropractic principle by chiropractors.  There is a movement toward including medical tests and practices into our offices among our own ranks.

According to the ACA a new pilot program for "acute or active treatment only, not prevention or maintenance." is proposed.(1) In the article the ACA complains that Medicare only pays for the manipulation of the spine.  What else is there to chiropractic?  It is strange that the ACA has never fought to have x-rays paid for under Medicare.  Is it a good move to begin to receive payments for medical tests and diagnosis while being denied the payment for the necessary x-ray to provide chiropractic adjustments?

Currently, Medicare does cover our office visit and treatment.  What we need added to the current coverage is payment for the necessary full spine x-ray -- before and after -- as well as extended visits when proven necessary and effective.

In March a national legislative conference took place in Washington D.C. What was clearly expressed by our legislatures is that they are looking to us because of our success in preventative care.  The news release reported that Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, "will continue to work with chiropractic because of its focus on prevention and wellness.' (2) This was reiterated by Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa when he stated, "We need a move towards wellness and prevention." (3) Are we going to provide for them what they are looking for?  It has been our ability to provide this care at a much lower cost than the medical profession, which has appealed to our national lenders.  However, we are at a dangerous crossroads.  Rather than provide what we do best, we are now requesting MRI's and other medical procedures, which in turn drives up the cost of care per patient.  One has to ask, is this truly Chiropractic Care?

It is not prudent for us to pursue the reimbursements for medical practices in our offices.  If we accept medical diagnosis and medical standards for our services we will fall entirely under the medical authority in whatever we do.  We will be seen as practicing medicine and vulnerable to charges of malpractice when we "only" correct cause by adjustments.  Personal experiences have proven this is a fact.  This is the path to eliminating the separate concepts that differentiate chiropractic and medicine. 

Of great concern is when I see a blending of the two mindsets within our own field.  Chiropractic leaders refer to the profession as having practiced "chiropractic medicine."  The Los Angeles College of Chiropractic changed their name to the Southern California Institute of Health Sciences.

Potentially, chiropractic care will be lost because we will not be allowed to adjust patients for disease conditions, only neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) conditions.  This is a very real threat, especially when one considers that in our court system the opinions of medical doctors are used as the "authority" on these matters.

We are the true hope for a nation spending trillions of dollars on medical research.  With all the monies spent on the medical paradigm, the population has only become sicker.  There has been an enormous increase in drug consumption.  Chiropractors are the antidote to the cultures growing drug mentality.  Poignantly, even medical doctors are finding the patient's demand for drug prescribing to be out of control.

For the health of our profession and the health of our nation we need to stay true to the art and application of the adjustment.  If we use the medical profession to validate our work, we will be hindered to the point of extinction.  Rather than be intimidated by the medical world, let us prove our own work through excellent results.

From the beginning, chiropractic proved itself through tremendous reversal of complicated conditions.  This is how the field was started and thus expanded as a profession. For positive growth to continue in our field it is necessary to stay true to our own course.  In other words, we need to continue to provide chiropractic care, not medical care.

D.D. Palmer proved that it was the actual application of an adjustment that removed interference and freed the nervous system to work properly.  Millions of adjustments have confirmed this revolutionary Universal Law.

Today schools, seminars, and leaders have drifted from the truths that D.D. Palmer uncovered for us and have drifted toward a medical paradigm.  Straight chiropractors should fight for what we know to be true.  We have tragically looked to the medical world to validate our work. Some have been seduced by the ability to be paid for medical services into providing medical diagnosis and treatments.  When we use medical opinions to support chiropractic we destroy our own foundation.

What Medicare agrees on will set the stage for all other decisions directed at Chiropractic.  These are important decisions to be made.  Let's work to see that we not move in a direction that will lead to our death.  Rather, let us work to preserve Chiropractic in its true essence.


1. Pena, Annette. "A Good Move for Seniors, Chiropractic in Medicare" ACAnews March 2005 p. 5††††††† 2. "Chiropractic Hears From the Capitol" March 14, 2004 News Release. www.acatoday.com/media/releases/031405shtml††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 3. Ibid

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